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Client Services


Historically Airports, both domestic and international, have benefitted from Integrity’s Advisory services for Parking Management, PARCS Technologies, feasibility analysis, planning, and operational audits reviews.

Today, those needs also include delivering programs to increase revenue, locate and implement additional revenue sources, lower overhead, and enhance the entire parker experience to both Airport and shuttle service clients.

Proudly serving Airport clientele in North America, Malaysia, and in Athens, Greece. Integrity Parking, LLC has achieved a perspective in global parking that will demonstrate a keen understanding of all elements that affect the industry today. This experience allows IPS to provide solutions that impact the bottom line to Airport parking clients.

Municipal & Urban

On-Street or Off-Street, Municipal and Urban parking clients are impacted every day with a myriad of difficult challenges.

Tools to provide efficient parking solutions to visitors, businesses, and residents are available and the Integrity team of Advisors will introduce you to proven programs and open dialogue to select solutions that meet the public’s need.

Our extensive planning and implementation services have provided guidance for over 20 years. Whether it be with marketing, planning, parking technology and enterprise systems, Integrity’s team of Advisors has been a part of it all.

Parking Control System Technologies

Parking Control System technologies are transforming the way a parker locates, enters, and pays for parking. Simply put, todays parking business provides much more data to so many industries. Managing that data and profiting from it is a competitive advantage to your operations.

A primary component of designing a PARC system for your facility is to understand each Stakeholders objective from the operations.

Integritys Advisors have repeatedly introduced new solution paths for industry suppliers to encourage their developers, partners, and integrators to collaborate and deliver a market ready solution to meet future parker demands.


Hospitals and Medical Centers have challenging and unique travel demand issues to manage. This particular market sector requires knowledge from key stakeholders as to how the Administration views Parking as a service, and how it is funded today.

Identifying the primary function of the parking business unit is essential to planning how the hospital’s activities affect parking demand in nearby neighborhoods. Partnering with all entities of the transportation network must be clearly communicated by all Stakeholders.

Integrity’s advisors will provide the experience to analyze operations and process initiatives to provide the solutions to manage your parking demand.


University parking departments are often tasked with a myriad of a long list of responsibilities which include management of all parking and transportation facilities, shuttle services, permit distribution, enforcement, collections, parking access and revenue systems, signage, guidance, personnel, and special event management for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Integrity has the experience to provide operational planning, demand analysis, and enterprise technology solutions to the campus-wide parking demands all universities face today.

Conference & Exhibition Centers

Large scale parking facilities for sporting events, stadiums, arenas, and conference centers require an efficient use of traffic lane queuing, functional design and revenue collection systems to manage the large inflow of vehicles and financial transactions.

Transportation engineering, traffic signalization, graphics, staffing, and systems controls are only some of the issues required to integrate for a successful operation. The demand analysis must be in place to manage the volume and safety for all staff and parkers.

Integrity Parking has experience with these facilities and ownership groups.