Advisory Services

Integrity Parking provides industry-focused advisory services for public and private clients. Our experienced staff, combined with our extensive client list, allow Integrity to provide the guidance and support you need—wherever you need it, whatever the size of your organization.

Management Advisory

The confluence of parking trends, changing industry ecosystems and groundbreaking digital technologies is presenting Owners and Parking executives with extraordinary new opportunities.

The potential is well beyond operations just being a cost-effective business enabler. The vision should include developing differentiated capabilities and driving competitive advantage through operations.

The Parking Industry has been impacted by innovation and evolving consumer demands. It will become ever more important to ensure that your parking operations stay current in this marketplace.

Getting there requires transformative change and willingness to collaborate across functions, doing quite different things and doing them very differently.

The Integrity team sees what is possible and can help clients make it a reality.

Operational Audit & Controls Assessment

Integrity's approach to the operational audit systematically and independently analyzes a parking organization’s operations to evaluate current effectiveness, efficiency, and economy, with a future-orientated perspective.

Our operational audit team are specialists, who look into every facet of parking and site management to collect and produce reports that the necessary audit trail exists and to ensure the integrity of receipts collected are valid.

Operational audits have many moving parts. They must follow a process that coincides with established best practices.

Revenue Control Systems

Parking Access & Revenue Control System technology will never stop evolving. The market demands staying current with access and payment solutions that provide safety, ease of use and payment security features found in other areas of life.

Having an innovation advisor on your side is vital: to tailor a strategy that fits, and to uncover the right technology or applications for your toughest parking problems—no matter the market segment.

Our technology consulting services help you steer your transformation with the latest features, services, technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your parkers to new credentials, applications, and ease of use tools—at a pace that is right for your business.

Strategic Planning & Investment Advisory

We combine deep industry expertise, advanced analytics capabilities, and human-centered approaches to help our clients shape their business strategies and drive growth.

Our extensive ecosystem of business alliances, airports, municipalities, universities, and private client network provides experience to create winning solutions. Over the years, we have advised several private parking companies on acquisitions. Integrity can assist with business analysis and asset review of the entire parking company portfolio.

Integrity continues to advise clients by assisting with an introduction to private Equity markets and public Capital markets for funding. Integrity also provides services on public revenue bond projects to develop operating cost analysis and revenue projections to support the revenue bond application.

Design Technical RFP's & Project Management

A primary component of designing a PARC system for your facility is to understand each Stakeholders objective from the operations. Once determined, Integrity will identify the best technology strategy, develop the plan and process that is tailored to your parking stakeholders’ requirements.

PARC technologies today are transforming the way parkers find, enter, and pay for parking. Integrity's Advisors have repeatedly introduced innovative technology and encouraged developers and integrators to collaborate to deliver a market ready solution to meet future parker demands.

City-wide, Campus-wide, large Enterprise or a single parking lot, Integrity Parking Advisors have "real world" case studies to share with you.

Revenue Optimization

Have you exhausted your team's resources and cannot find the additional products or services to increase the revenue needed to sustain a competitive place in the market?

Do you require a 3rd party advisor to review the current rate structure and parker programs to ensure alignment to your market demand and financial needs for all Stakeholders?

If you answered YES, it is time to analyze your parking business's potential to increase revenue by identifying all sources available to you within your market and from outside industries.

Our experienced staff will provide the research, guidance and support you need—wherever you need it, whatever the size of your organization.

Why Integrity Advisors?

Experience: Our team brings to you over 107 years of intrinsic parking experience. We practiced our craft from both the advisory and day-to-day operations of all types of parking operations and technologies. We understand what’s occurring from the bottom up – Very different than most of our competitors. 

Value: Our clientele benefit directly from our services in terms of customer user satisfaction and the economic impact on their bottom line, because our ideas are backed by our experience. 

Our recommendations always pay a dividend to our client that far exceeds the costs to retain our Advisory Services.

Contact us and let us prove it!